You Promise

You Promise

A soul love is a pure love that is constant and unconditional. It extends past time and place.


Kara is a special type of female that never thought she would find her soulmate at work, but she did. Breaking protocol to make sure she could save him, she changed fate into destiny. Will her decision to save her soulmate be the right one, or will it cause turmoil in her life that she will not be able to live through?


Jedediah was not looking for his soulmate or love for that matter, but when love hits, it hits hard. Being introduced to Kara had him stuck for reasons unknown. When he finds out why he is so stuck, will it cause him to turn his back on his potential soulmate, or will it draw him closer to fight for her?


In a world of unknowns, find out if promises to soulmates can be made and kept in this novella — You Promise.

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