The Wrap Up

The Wrap Up

The end is never really the end; it’s simply a new beginning.

You have seen the Washington and Smith families through just about every stage of love. From the inception of love, to the products of love, to the maturity of love and now the loss of love. Be a fly on the wall as we experience the final chapter in the Washington/Smith Saga. Through their feelings of loss and gain, pain and happiness, will the strength of their bloodline make them strong enough to withstand the tests of time?

What happens when a new love interest comes on the scene? Will she be welcomed with open arms or will there be hesitation out of the respect of a lost love? As Grandmama Rosa always said, “Iron sharpens iron,” and this new feminine iron has her work cut out for her if she wants to sharpen and perfect a suffering, iron clad man.

To every end there is a new beginning… and this is the new beginning for the Washington/Smith clan.

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