Quarantine Love

Quarantine Love

An introvert at its finest, when the Coronavirus hits the Benedict College Campus in Columbia, South Carolina, 21-year old Knansie Jergens is in heaven. After all, she prefers the peace of her solidarity. She’s a nerd and would much rather spend her quarantine time reading a great book or playing video games.

Oren Breland is a jack of all trades and an entrepreneur at its finest; the one thing he knows how to do is make some money. You want to know what’s not on his skill list? Interacting with women! After one relationship that ended badly, he’s sworn off love entirely. But you know what they say.... when you make plans, God laughs.

After a heated exchange over toilet paper, Oren and Knansie have left horrible tastes in each other’s mouths. Having to fight fire with fire, neither one of them expect their spark to turn into something romantic but it does and it’s all the way lit!

After the quarantine is over and everyone goes back to their normal lives, will Oren and Knansie still feel that fire for each other? Or is their flame going to fizzle forever?

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