Pet the Kitty

Pet the Kitty

What do you do when your world is turned upside down by a complete stranger?

Alpha Douglas is a rare breed in a new place looking to make his imprint on the city of Columbia, South Carolina. With one foot firmly in the game and the other in his autobody and collision business, he is successful on every front. After meeting an eccentric woman that is nothing like any woman he has ever met, Alpha falls hard and fast. Will this new romance burn a long-lasting flame or will an enemy that no one could ever have prepared for blow the flame out with a few indiscretions?

Kaitlyn Depree is a girl who loves what she loves; whether it makes her a loner or not. Unintentionally catching the eye of a new boss to the city, she is caught in a whirlwind romance that makes her kitty purr loudly. What happens when an untouchable assailant comes in to wreak havoc on a love that just may have been designed by the gods?

Will Alpha and Kaitlyn be able to survive an unknown enemy that actually harm?

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