Love Untainted

Love Untainted

A love so pure…how could it ever be tainted?

Isaac Solomon Mills has moved through life not thinking about love or the effects it could potentially have on his life. From a man of the streets to a successful entrepreneur his goal is to make money and make it last. Love lasting was not a part of his thought process, well that was until Ava. She came into his life playing hard to get and this was a game he is fully amenable to play and win. The win seem in his grasp until a secret threatens to ruin everything he thought to be true. Is this a secret he can live with? Will it change the way he sees her? Will the secret expose a side of him that he doesn’t expect and/or like?

Ava Mae Boyd is the definition of a Boss. Leading her firm in groundbreaking marketing strategies have placed her as the woman to know. She wanted by everyone, but love. Love is a distant stranger to her and has been since the tragic death of her first love and husband Andre. Will Isaac’s love be the one to breakthrough her heart of pain or will the secret she’s keeping barricade her heart from ever experiencing a love like no other?

Be the fly on the wall of Isaac and Ava’s Love Story. Will they be strong enough to fight the battles of secrets and uncertainty or will taint a love that has yet to even begin. Find out can these two survive the challenges of love and learn how to keep it pure in Love Untainted.

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