Love Unequivocal

Love Unequivocal

It stands to say when the love is unequivocal, nothing can penetrate it, or can it?

Isaac fell in love with Ava over six years ago, when her life’s secret slapped him dead in the face. HIV. The woman he had fallen for was HIV Positive. How do you navigate through that? That is the question everyone had, but the answer was one no one foresaw.

First came love, then came marriage, then came the babies in the baby carriage. Against all odds, Isaac loves Ava and they both do what’s necessary to maintain a physically healthy relationship. Six years later, they are living their best lives with promotions, new contracts, and bigger housing. Nothing can penetrate their happiness… but wait. A threat from the West is coming with a cold front attached that will prove to be most troublesome. Will their love be able to handle this cold front, or will it be too much not just for their love but their lives?

Get caught up with your favorite couple, The Mills. Find out if a love untainted is truly unequivocal.

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