Khiaere and Phy: A Charleston Love Story

Khiaere and Phy: A Charleston Love Story

Khiaere Washington is a Country Boy who just wants four things: Success, A Queen, Babies and Love. With hard work, education, street smarts and straight hustle, he has mastered the success portion. Now, after an unfortunate turn of events that leave him heartbroken and single, he is forced to search for love in a true Queen. Will that search lead him to a love that's as sweet as Pie?

Phy (Pronounced Pie) Washington who is of no relation to Khiaere has made the decision to move back home to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. A late-night run in with an old college friend may be just the motivation she needs to attempt to enjoy her new life. Will this reconnection be the answer to her lonely heart or the reason to commit murder?

Trell Smith is a man about his business; if it doesn't make dollars then it won’t make sense. With no room for love, he has placed an icebox where is heart used to be. What happens when someone starts the melting process of the ice around his heart? Will he turn down the temperature to refreeze or surrender to love?

Tae Laing is the hottest interior designer under the Mason Dixon Line. She follows her best friend, Phy, to her hometown to start a new business. With her traumatic past, she is not looking for love or commitment. Will an unconventional connection give her what she has always longed for but never felt worth of?

Find out in this Charleston Love Story

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