Justice's Rose

Justice's Rose

“Did you ever hear about the Rose that grew in a Concrete Garden?"

Delia Rose is a woman of purpose and power but it was not easy getting to that point. A life with all the odds against her, she makes it a mission to survive and push through the concrete of resistance that wants to stop her. With a love like no other in Justice, will it be enough to shatter the doubts she has? Will his love be enough to save her from the evils that still exist to push her back under the concrete? With a much-perceived losing hand will she still come out with all her books necessary to win in the
Spades game of Life.

Justice (Choppa) Christianson is a man about his family. Finding love in Delia was a win above all wins in his life. With a delicate Rose to care for is he prepared to put in the work to weed the garden of all harm to his love. Evil lurks just around the corner but will its weeds be too much for Justice to handle or will it give him the strength needed to uproot his rose and place her on fertile ground?

The Washington and Christianson Tribe are back to give you more but with more focus on the Christianson Tribe. Will the Christianson Tribe reign victorious over the evil that threaten the family?

When you mess with one Christianson, you mess with all Christiansons…Washingtons too?

Find out what happens in this Standalone of Justice’s Rose.

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