His Love Is More Than Enough: Kalypso & Bellatrix

His Love Is More Than Enough: Kalypso & Bellatrix

A father’s love is an amazing thing but is it enough to love what others deemed flawed?

For Kalypso (Kal) Jenkins, life has taken many turns but as his Mama Jillie says, “It’s all a part of his life Story”. When his life story determines he will be a single father to his autistic son, Kalypso Junior (KJ), he makes the decision to be the best father he can be to KJ. All his moves are to make a comfortable life for KJ and himself. When tragedy strikes he is left to pick up the piece of his life and adjust to the changes in his and his son’s life. Will he be able to manage the changes that could very well break him or will a beautiful stranger to him but friend to KJ be his saving grace?

Bellatrix (Bella) Anderson has been the light for many people all her life. After a tragic lost brings her from Orlando, Florida to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina she allows that light to be caste in the life of KJ. With a light so bright, will it be able to cast out the darkness that will soon loom over the heads of Kalypso and his son? Will she be able to share her light to give strength for others to turn on their own or will her light be snuffed out.

Find out what happens in this Novella when light meets darkness. Will love be enough to tear down the darkness that threatens to damage all that Kalypso has built for his son or will Bellatrix be the light that changes the direction of this chapter and all to come after it in Kalypso’s life story?

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