His Love Is More Than Enough: Harlem & Constance

His Love Is More Than Enough: Harlem & Constance

Harlem Samuel LaCroix is a self-made man who moves how he pleases. He’s a street dude but doesn’t do street dude things but the one night he is forced to show his hand is the night that changes his life. “She’s a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash”, becomes a literal statement when his discovers an abandoned baby in the trash of his trap house. Being the honorable man, he took this as a sign to promise himself to this child and be her father. Sammi Harlem LaCroix is the crown given to her by her father and she would grow up to be the diamond she was intended to be under his watchful eye.

Constance Za’Tashca Parker is a woman just trying to make a way for herself in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being a teacher was definitely her passion, but the pay was her pain causing her to seek other means of income. Landing a prime position as a personal receptionist/caregiver for the owner of Suds Brothers, she is pushed head first into the life of Harlem and Sammi. Her love for teaching and being a servant leader makes this position one more of love than work. All is well until her past comes to hunt her of actions she
took many years ago. Will her past be her demise?

When these two lives become intertwined in business and love will Harlem’s love be enough to carry Constance past her past. Will he be strong enough to love a woman who isn’t perfect and life decisions could have had a tragic end?

Find out in this Final Install of the Novella Trilogy, His Love Is More Than Enough.

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