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Sometimes There Just Aren't Enough Rocks

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

If you live long enough you can agree with the notion that you have been hurt. There are definitely different types and levels of hurts however that does not negate the feeling of hurt to the person that is experiencing it at that time. Regardless of the hurt it embodies one or more of the following hurt elements:

-Emotional -Physical -Mental -Spiritual

Being hurt well…sucks! You seem to go through all the stages of grief at the same time.  You know something I hate about getting hurt…the notion that some people feel it’s not okay to be mad. Well I’m here to say…BE MAD…BE PISSED! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being mad HOWEVER it is important to know that you can’t stay mad. Why…well because sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks.

Anger if not careful can create hatred. I have been there and it’s ahorrid place to live. I can tell you from experience it is a low and depressing place. You want to express your hurt but it comes out as anger, hatred and bitterness. Our expressions/hurt becomes rocks. We throw them hard and we throw them fast sometimes to anyone that will listen.  We try to wish away the hurt,  pray it away even. We just don’t want to hurt anymore. 

Here’s something even crazier…that hurt…is going to be the fuel you need to get you to greatness…if you allow it to. You simply can’t worry or continue to allow things or people that have hurt you block your vision or intended destiny. So many times we allow the hurt to become us. You are NOT your hurt! Never allow your hurt to define you. Keep pushing past that hurt. Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to deal with the hurt, be mad about the hurt…throw your rocks when necessary.  All of that is fine but you HAVE to grow from it and turn it into fuel for your greatness.

Throwing rocks is ok however you have to grow from it because sometimes THERE JUST AREN’T ENOUGH ROCKS!

Adjusting Halo…Still Tilted

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