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Loving Your Grass...Brown Patches and All

As I conversed with my BooBear tonight we talked about everything as we always do, then the conversation of cheating came up. He said something that amazed me…he said, “They can keep the greener grass, fertilizer, dye and all that…I like my color grass the way it is..brown patches and all.” Moment to Awwww This got me thinking….how many people truly love their grass…brown patches and all.

We have all heard the saying, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. That is a common saying especially when someone steps out on a relationship. My Daddy always told me, “If the grass is greener it’s usually treated with fertilizer and we all know that’s just a bunch of bullshit”. Now let’s talk about grass….I did some research in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn without fertilizer. (For the slow…the grass is the relationship fundamentals and the lawn is the relationship itself)

Let begin with starting a new lawn (relationship)…according to research you should:

1. Test the soil to assure you know the texture and nutrients level. Now to me, this is saying you represent the soil. Is that soil ready to be planted in? Have you tested the maturity and ability to nurture so that the seeds properly grow? As a person, you have to know that you are ready for a relationship before attempting to commit yourself to one. Like grass…maintaining a healthy lawn (relationship) takes time.

2. Choose the right mixture of grass. Now when looking for grass seeds you have to know what best suits your soil. Certain types of grass aren’t made for certain climates. This is the same with relationships..this is why we have “types”. Now miracles happen but generally, it’s smart to stay within what your likes and attractions are.

3. Don’t work the soil when very wet. This may damage the structure. Now, this may be one of the most important tips…have you dried from your wetness (healed from your hurt)? Often times we get in relationships when we are still dealing with issues from the past and risk the structure of the new relationship. This is something that should be avoided.

Now we got that grass in soil…let’s talk about growing and maintaining it. Here’s what research says:

1. Water enough to get soil wet 4″ to 6″ down. Grassroots will grow deeper and the lawn will be healthier Hhhmm what does this mean? Provide enough water (positivity) so that it can set deep within the structure of the soil so the lawn can be healthier. Of course, you're going to have a tough time in the maintaining process but continuing to water the soil properly will ensure that the roots are strong.

2. Mow the RIGHT way! It’s important to clip just enough off without causing stress on the plant. Just like grass some times you have to trim the blades off of the relationship but be sure to trim just enough and not too much. Cutting the grass when wet is suggested..when issues arise in a’s time to cut off some of the blades. Deal with the issue upfront and get it over with but be careful not to drag it out (cut too much blade).

3. Decide how many weeds you can tolerate. It is unrealistic to expect a weed-free lawn. (Pause for the revelation break) Weeds…Friends…silent haters…however we want to address them. They are there we can not avoid them all but know exactly how much you are willing to tolerate and do aways with the excess. Yesssssssss!!!!

Now as we see it is possible to have a healthy lawn without the fertilizer. (There are many more tips but I extracted the main ones needed for this topic.) A relationship is much like planting, growing, and maintaining a lawn. Sure your neighbor may seem to have a greener lawn (more pleasing relationship) but you should take pride in knowing if you employ the proper care your grass color is true. That other lawn may be the product of fertilizer….a bunch of Bullshit.

Plant Wisely……

Adjusting my Halo…..Still Tilted

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